This paper identifies areas, which may cause problems when establishing service supply relationships. Case research has been conducted within the service division of a global manufacturing company, analysing 11 instances where the company established or attempted to establish a relationship with a supplier to provide services as part of their offering to the end-customer. Four problem areas are identified through inductive case analysis. First, writing legal agreements for service exchanges. Second, clearly specifying service processes to be transferred to suppliers. Third, handing over service delivery to suppliers. Fourth, losing control over the relationship with the customer. These problems expand on already known problems of establishing supply relationships. Suggestions for how the problems may be moderated are also provided.

Åhlström, Pär and Nordin, Fredrik (2006), “Problems of Establishing Service Supply Relationships: Evidence from a High-Tech Manufacturing Company”, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 12, No 2, pp. 75-89.

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