Pär Åhlström

Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Chair in Operations Management at Stockholm School of Economics

About Pär Åhlström

Pär is the Director of the Centre for Innovation and Operations Management, at Stockholm School of Economics, a group of researchers dedicated to interdisciplinary research projects at the knowledge frontier in operations management; innovation management; and information management. His own research interests particularly concern the implementation of new operations strategies.

This is Lean

Lean is the most widespread management philosophy of our time and is currently present in every industry, yet the concept is still vaguely defined and widely misunderstood. As a response to the confusion regarding the concept of lean and its application, Pär Åhlström and Niklas Modig launched This is Lean – Resolving the efficiency paradox in October 2011. The book became an instant best-seller in Scandinavia and after four years it is translated into more than ten languages has sold over 180,000 copies making it to one of the most sold lean
books of all time.


Pär has over twenty years of experience in research on lean and is one of the pioneers in the field. He has published frequently on lean in manufacturing, product development and, most recently, in services. His research is frequently cited.

“An Instrument for Assessing lean service adoption”

 The purpose of this paper is to develop and empirically validate an instrument containing operational measures of lean service. The instrument is intended for use by both researchers and practitioners.  The instrument was developed and validated in an iterative...

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